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Why People Are Like Laptops

People are like laptops 💻

Here’s what I mean:

When you first buy a laptop, it usually runs really fast.

Over time as your needs change, it starts to run slow.

Most laptops will then eventually need software updates..

So it can keep up with your needs.

People are just like this.

You have “software”, which are the beliefs and skills that you develop when you first start in sales.

If you do a great job, then you’ll eventually get promoted!

It’s an exciting time BUT now your needs have changed.

As a result you now need NEW “software” aka “skills and beliefs” to perform in the NEW role.

Or sometimes, you need to get the new “software” in order to GET PROMOTED or get that new job.

(Ex: SDR to AE or Mid-Market AE to Enterprise AE, etc.)

So if you’re not performing well in your current role or if you have not secured that new job you want, ask yourself:

“What have I done to upgrade my ‘software’?”

And go get the software to improve your results! 📈

Do you agree?

P.S. Upgrade your software with my help and DM me “Inner Circle”!

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