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Why Rejection is Actually Good For You

SDRs and AEs doing outbound:

It’s ok if you feel the pains of the rejections.

This is normal.

By the very nature of doing outbound..

You are reaching out.

You are putting yourself out there.

And the more you put yourself out therrrrrrre…

The more rejection you will actually get.

BUT it also means the more chances you have to positively impact.

To truly help.

And to ultimately hit your personal goals.

The only time you WON’T get rejected is if you don’t try.

And if you don’t try, you definitely WON’T hit your goals.

So stay focused.

Keep reaching out.

Keep refining how you do it.

And focus on the greater good. 🚀

I’m rooting for you ✊🏽

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