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Why Vision is Key for Thriving

For most teams, it’s not easy to sell right now.

Most reps and teams are missing quota by >50%..

Whether you are a sales leader or rep..

Having a VISION that’s looking 1, 3, 5+ years ahead is VITAL.

This allows you to make calculated vs. emotional decisions.

If you lack a vision, you’ll make poor emotional decisions..

If you have a vision, you’ll make calculated decisions!

Dave is a leader who has vision.

He’s imparted that vision upon his team.

He started with a start-up right BEFORE Covid.

Dave invested and enrolled his 4 reps into our 6-Figure Sales Academy program.

The results?

300%+ to quota as a sales team after 8 months.

The highest retention rate he’s ever seen for a sales team.

The team has CONFIDENCE with their sales skills.

Confidence that they can THRIVE regardless.

All because Dave had the vision to begin with.

And of course, invested in his team.

If your results are not where they deserve to be..

You gotta ask yourself..

“What’s my vision 1, 3, 5+ years down the road?” and..

“What calculated decisions can I made TODAY..

..that will help me achieve my goals tomorrow?”

Do this today and your future self will THANK YOU.

Do you agree?

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