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Why You Must Bet On Yourself

In Sept 2019, I left my big Fortune 500 corporate director job.

I had just made a scary decision:

To go all in on my side hustle and make it a main hustle.

To chase my passion and dreams.

Many didn’t agree with me as they shared the high failure rate..

Many didn’t believe in me.

Many sat on the sidelines waiting for me to fail.

But I knew the upside was massive from impact to income..

And the worst case scenario was failing…

And going back to corporate America..

So I went all in.

I saw early success as I picked up tons of low-hanging fruit.

It was exciting and new!

Then it got hard.

I made mistakes.

A LOT of them.

I started questioning myself.

I thought about quitting many times.

I turned on LinkedIn Job Alerts for “CRO” and “Sales VP”…

Then I realized that I had stopped BETTING on myself..

I was allowing my EXCUSES to dictate my future.

I recommitted to myself 100%.

I invested 5-figures to get a new mentor..

And to PROVE to myself I was committed.

I started to see an immediate improvement in results.

Fast forward to today and we’ve had explosive growth.

From revenue to headcount.

But most important?


Truly helping B2B sales pros achieve what they never thought possible.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to be recognized now by Salesforce, Forbes, and more.

And most recently by LinkedIn as a Top Sales Expert in 2021.

So when it feels like the world is falling apart..

Don’t give up!

It may be a sign to double down on yourself and go all in..

As massive growth is right around the corner.

Do you agree?

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