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Writing Eviction Notices At 8-Years Old

I started helping my dad write Eviction notices when I was 8 years old.

We owned a number of low-income duplexes that we rented out.

Some were great hard-working families.

And others were less than desirable.

The less-than-desirable ones that violated the T&C’s of the rental agreement, my dad had me type up eviction notices.

Then my dad would take me with him to deliver it.

These were in bad parts of town and I’d be scared the entire time as we go up together and knock on the door.

We’d wait 5 minutes and knock again before we entered with the master key.

My dad would show me the place and usually it was completely trashed.

Trash, piles of clothes, and junk just strewn everywhere.

Appliances were usually damaged and/or the doors to the place.

There was usually drugs just laying around on the coffee/dinner table as well.

It would smell terrible and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

One time after, I asked my dad why he brought me to deliver the eviction notices.

He smiled and he explained that were two reasons:

1. To give me perspective on how those less fortunate live.

2. To show me why he worked so hard so we would never have to live like that.

It’s amazing the lessons we learn as a kid that still have an impact today.

Do you agree?



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