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Your Choices Determine Whether You Stay Average or If You Level Up

I started in B2B sales the same time as a co-worker, Nicole.

However, where we ended up a year later was drastically different.

Let me give you a little context first:

We both had zero B2B hunting sales experience.

We both received zero B2B sales training.

We both had zero pipeline.

(It was a new start-up division)

We had zero marketing.

We had zero resources.

Both our leaders had NEVER even done the job before.

Both operations were bleeding in the red (zero profit).

Since we both weren’t selling, money was tight too.

Needless to say..the pressure was extremely high.

Nicole complained about it.

The lack of leads.

The lack of training.

The lack of support.

The lack of resources.

The lack of everything.

Here’s the truth:

I did too…at first.

It made me feel better temporarily..

Until I realized that my results still didn’t change..

And that nothing changes..if I don’t change.

I started seeking out knowledge and skills from those who had already achieved what I wanted to achieve.

From books, mentors, conferences, etc.

I couldn’t afford it..

But I knew it was an investment in myself.

It was trading $1 to earn $10 in the future.

And I was betting on MYSELF to execute 100%.

Failure was simply not an option.

Nicole mocked me and said it was a waste of money..

Fast forward within the same year:

I fortunately shot up the leaderboards to number 1..

And earned 2 promotions in the same time.

And Nicole?

She stayed in the same spot until she quit a little over a year later.

When we both started, we both lacked resources in sales..

And thus we each faced a choice:

1) Focus on the problem or..

2) Focus on finding a solution.

One choice keeps you DOWN and other forces you to LEVEL UP.

So if you’re feeling stuck right now..

It’s time to make a BETTER choice.

Do you agree?

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