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Your Destiny is Formed in the Decisions You Make

Everyone has certain defining moments in their lives, in which they are faced with a choice.

Whatever is decided can change their future FOREVER for better or worse.

I remember one of them for me was when I started in outside sales and I was STRUGGLING.

It was harder than anything I had ever done before.

I wanted to quit and go do something else.

I had a choice to quit or figure out how to be successful.

I chose to figure it out.

I started obsessively reading and studying in my free time.

Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Brian Tracy, etc.

Then I shifted to personal development with Tony Robbins,  Stephen Covey, etc.

I went through 60-80+ books per year obsessively learning and trying out what I learned.

And I got better as time went on.

Fast forward, 13+ years later – I have felt the positive impact EVERY single year after developing the habit of continuous self-education and improvement.

It has 10X’ed my relationships, income, wealth, results, influence, and more.

Our destiny is truly formed in the decisions we make.

What’s a defining moment in your life, in which you had to make a decision that is now positively impacting you?

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