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Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World

When I was 10, I was one of the fastest 10 year olds in the state of Oregon in 50 and 100M breaststroke.

Soon after that everyone hit puberty.

They all gained 30 lbs of muscle and grew a foot taller.

I stayed about the same size 😂

Naturally everyone got faster.

My skills stayed about the same so I wanted to quit.

Then I got a new coach.

He refused to let me quit.

He also refused to let me use the excuse that everyone was physically stronger than me.

He pushed me hard.

Trained my mind.

Pushed my limits.

Until I could beat those stronger than me.

And he kept pushing me until I broke almost every single school record and qualified for a number of events at Sectionals.

The results were cool.

What was MOST important was that he trained me to believe in myself.

That’s what a good coach does: challenge beliefs and creates new paradigms.

He taught me that my OUTER WORLD was a reflection of my INNER WORLD.

Do you agree?

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