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Your Sales Process is a Reflection of YOU

This is an unpopular opinion.

Your sales process is a reflection of YOU.

Here’s what I mean:

If you’re CREATIVE, you’ll be CREATIVE in how you sell.

If you’re BORING, you’ll be BORING in how you sell.

If you’re CONSISTENT, you’ll be CONSISTENT with your results.

If you’re INCONSISTENT, you’ll be INCONSISTENT with your results.

If you’re EFFICIENT, you’ll run an EFFICIENT sales process.

If you’re SLOPPY, you’ll run a SLOPPY sales process.

You get the point.

So if your sales results are not where they want to be consistently..

Chances are real good you have NOT become the person you need yourself to be.

Only when you realize this can you truly improve your sales results.

Do you agree?

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